How to Sew a Unique Baby Bib in Just 30 Minutes: Bibs Make Great Baby Gifts, are Easy Enough for Beginning Sewers

Baby bibs are so simple to make that you could easily outfit your favorite baby with a different bib for every occasion. Bibs are also a great way to use fat quarters or large fabric scraps.

Baby Bib Supply List

  • Baby bib pattern
  • 2 large fabric scraps at least 10″ x 14″ (26cm x 36cm) in coordinating colors, or 2 fat quarters of quilting fabric in coordinating colors.
  • Thin quilt batting 10″ x 14″ (26cm x 36cm).
  • (Optional) For a bib that can be wiped clean with a wet, soapy cloth, substitute 1 piece of oilcloth and 1 piece of flannel for the quilting fabric, and omit the quilt batting. Make sure the flannel has been prewashed at least once to minimize shrinkage if you wash the bib later.
  • 5/8” dot or 7/8” square of Velcro or other hook-and-loop tape, either stick-on or sew-on type.
  • All-purpose thread in a coordinating color.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Sewing a Unique Baby Bib

  1. Use the template below to draw a baby bib pattern, or print out the template and enlarge so the bib measures about 9.5″ wide x 13″ tall (24cm wide x 33cm tall) from the tips of the neck fastening to the bottom of the bib. You can also make a pattern by simply tracing around the edges of an existing baby bib onto a large piece of paper. Cut out the paper template with scissors.
  2. Using the bib template, cut three identical bib pieces: one from each fabric, and one from the quilt batting. (If making an oilcoth bib, cut out one piece from the oilcloth and one from the backing fabric.
  3. If desired, embellish the front layer of the bib with appliqué, stamps, or embroidery. Do this before you assemble the bib.
  4. Layer the fabrics: place the backing fabric with right side up on the work surface. Lay the front fabric right side down on the backing fabric, aligning all the edges. If you are using batting, lay the batting on top, aligning all the edges. Pin around the edges to secure the layers for sewing.
  5. Use a sewing machine to sew all around the edge of the bib with a straight stitch and a ½” seam allowance, leaving a 2” opening (5 cm) on one side.
  6. Turn the bib right side out through the opehing. Fold the seam allowance to the inside on the open area and press.
  7. Use thread in a coordinating color to top stitch all around the outside of the bib, using a ¼” seam allowance and making sure to secure the open area with the top stitched seam. (You can also hand stitch the opening closed.)
  8. Attach the hook-and-loop tape to the spots shown on the pattern. Even if you use stick-on tape, sew the tape down to make sure it is firmly secured to the bib. Small embellishments that aren’t securely fastened can be a choking hazard.

Ideas for Embellishing and Making Customized Baby Bibs

  • Appliqué the child’s initial or a cute animal shape on the lower half of the bib. You can do this either by hand, using needle-turn appliqué, or by machine, using fusible web to fix the appliqué to the bib and stitching down the edges with a tight zigzag or blanket stitch.
  • Stamp moons or stars on the bib using a rubber stamp and acrylic paint, or carve your own stamp from an apple or potato. (Note: stamping doesn’t work as well on oilcloth.)

Either plain or embellished, a baby bib makes a unique, useful new baby gift that is easy and fun to make.

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